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Articles tagged with: Smart Home

5 Features of Lutron Motorized Shades You Need In Your Home

Integrate Smart Shades From the Premier Motorized Shading Company

5 Features of Lutron Motorized Shades You Need In Your Home

Motorized shades are one of the most popular smart home solutions, providing increased convenience and protection. Lutron has distinguished itself as a leader in the motorized window treatment market with its sleek, beautiful shading solutions that enhance the aesthetic of any home. So if you’re considering installing motorized shades in your Dallas, TX, home, you should look at Lutron’s shades. Here are five perks bound to enhance your home and lifestyle. 

Create the Ultimate Cinema Experience in Your Home Theater Setup

Why Working With A Premier Integrator Transforms How You Watch

Create the Ultimate Cinema Experience in Your Home Theater Setup

Film is an art form with a cultural reach like no other; its transformative power engages you completely. Every film mixes the elements of fine art like sculpture and painting with the seductive pull of novels, the storylines that honestly move you, causing you to cry, cheer, and laugh within moments of each other. 

The way we watch movies has come a long way since the Lumiere Brothers presented the works of Alice Guy-Blache in a Paris ballroom 150 years ago. While technology has advanced, the desire of filmmakers to entertain and transport the viewer into new and far away places stays the same. At HomeTronics, we share your passion for film with home theater setups, offering the best platform for Hollywood classics and innovative indies. 

Are you looking to bring the cinema experience to your Dallas, TX home? Then keep reading below to learn how good it can be. 


Find Inspiration, Motivation, And More With Audiophile-Approved Music In Any Room Of Your Home.


Music is powerful magic; the medium transforms perspective, adds vibrancy to your tasks, and soothes the stresses of the day. It has been said that a single song can change your day, allowing you to take on the world. 

Research shows that melody and rhythm do more than get your toes tapping or your hips swaying. Every region of the brain is set alight just listening. A whole-house audio system radically changes how you experience music, podcasts, and radio, enveloping spaces indoors or out with full dynamic range while maintaining the aesthetics of the décor and design. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities in your Dallas, TX home? Then continue reading below to discover more.

Make the Outdoors the Best Room Of The House

Turn Your Backyard into a Complete Entertainment Center

Make the Outdoors the Best Room Of The House

Your smart home provides many luxuries like tunable lighting, multi-room audio, distributed video, and intuitive interfaces to control it all. You can entertain, create the perfect ambiance, and personalize it all to meet your preferences.

Extending your living to the outdoors by making more use of the pool or grilling on the barbeque does not mean you have to leave all of those conveniences behind. Installing an outdoor TV enhances your time spent in the backyard, turning it into a complete entertainment center.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of an outdoor media space for your Dallas, TX home? Read below to learn more.