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5 Features of Lutron Motorized Shades You Need In Your Home

Integrate Smart Shades From the Premier Motorized Shading Company

5 Features of Lutron Motorized Shades You Need In Your Home

Motorized shades are one of the most popular smart home solutions, providing increased convenience and protection. Lutron has distinguished itself as a leader in the motorized window treatment market with its sleek, beautiful shading solutions that enhance the aesthetic of any home. So if you’re considering installing motorized shades in your Dallas, TX, home, you should look at Lutron’s shades. Here are five perks bound to enhance your home and lifestyle. 

Brain Hack: How Circadian Lighting Helps Improve Mental Health

Sleep Better & Feel More Energized with the Benefits of Natural Light

Brain Hack: How Circadian Lighting Helps Improve Mental Health

Do you often wake up feeling sluggish and unmotivated? Need several cups of coffee to get through the day? And when it’s finally night, does your mind spin with worries about tomorrow, and you can’t bring yourself to fall asleep?

You aren’t alone. 62% of Americans reportedly consume coffee every day, while almost half of Americans say they feel sleepy during most of the week. Many factors can contribute to low energy levels, but our circadian rhythm, or internal clock, plays a major part.

What is the circadian rhythm? It’s our biological, internal timekeeper that regulates when we’re alert, tired, and hungry. Sunlight plays a major role in regulating our circadian rhythms, which is why you’ll find yourself waking up earlier on a camping trip. But if we spend too much time indoors under artificial light, our rhythms are thrown off course.

Luckily, smart lighting brands like Lutron have invented new ways to bring the benefits of natural light inside. Circadian lighting, or human-centric lighting, is already being used in homes, schools, and hospitals nationwide.

Could you benefit from a brain hack like circadian lighting? Learn more for your San Francisco, CA home below.

Top Benefits of Lutron Tunable Lighting

Tunable Lighting Solutions Provide More Than Illumination

Top Benefits of Lutron Tunable Lighting

When thinking of how to enhance your lifestyle while at home, surely many ideas come to mind. Among your options, we at HomeTronics believe adding tunable lighting to your home should be at the top of the list.

We know you want the best technology that money can buy; for tunable lighting, Lutron is the way to go. Tunable lighting by Lutron offers innumerable benefits and is a recognized leader in the industry. Installing a tunable lighting system is no small task, and you won’t want to do the job on your own.

Our clients in San Fransisco, California, know they can trust HomeTronics to install a tailor-made Lutron tunable lighting system that meets their specific needs and wants. We’ll start with two main reasons you might want automated lighting control soon, so stay tuned!

How Motorized Window Shades Add an Extra Level of Luxury and Convenience

Motorized Shades Are Practical and Stylish

How Motorized Window Shades Add an Extra Level of Luxury and Convenience

Motorized window shades can greatly increase the overall aesthetic of your home and offer an unprecedented level of convenience and comfort.

These kinds of window treatments allow you to adjust the light levels in your home by automating a task that is sometimes time consuming in homes with many windows, or when windows are impossible to reach, like massive or slanted windows or/and ceiling apertures.

Not only can they regulate the temperature of your home and help you save on energy bills, but they also serve to complement the ambiance of your interior design.

Our team in Dallas, TX will be able to install a set of window treatments that can add style and sophistication to your home by integrating their function into the rest of your automation network.