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Articles tagged with: Tunable Lighting

3 Ways Smart Home Lighting Improves Your Everyday Life

Discover the Beauty and Functionality of Ketra Lighting

3 Ways Smart Home Lighting Improves Your Everyday Life

Lighting plays a huge role in our mood and how we experience a space. For example, poor lighting can cause you to feel tired, unmotivated, and even uncomfortable in your own space. That’s why so many homeowners have made the switch to smart, human-centric lighting that has the power to improve your home’s beauty while also increasing your health.

Ketra lighting by Lutron is one of the leading lighting systems for homes. It’s tunable, easy to control, and provides beautiful light that can elevate the beauty of your Dallas, TX, home. Keep reading to learn more about Lutron smart home lighting and how it can improve your everyday life and routine.


Find Inspiration, Motivation, And More With Audiophile-Approved Music In Any Room Of Your Home.


Music is powerful magic; the medium transforms perspective, adds vibrancy to your tasks, and soothes the stresses of the day. It has been said that a single song can change your day, allowing you to take on the world. 

Research shows that melody and rhythm do more than get your toes tapping or your hips swaying. Every region of the brain is set alight just listening. A whole-house audio system radically changes how you experience music, podcasts, and radio, enveloping spaces indoors or out with full dynamic range while maintaining the aesthetics of the décor and design. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities in your Dallas, TX home? Then continue reading below to discover more.

Boost Energy Without Caffeine: Circadian Lighting For Your Home

Increase Personal Wellness & Improve Your Mood with Smart Lighting from HomeTronics

Boost Energy Without Caffeine: Circadian Lighting For Your Home

From chatting with friends to work to ordering food, our lives are dominated by more screen time than ever before. While technological advances have many benefits, there is one significant drawback: artificial light from screens isn’t the best for our health.

The harsh light from phones, tablets, and smartwatches can be harmful to the eyes, induce headaches, and stimulate our brains so much that it affects our sleep. Without adequate rest, our productivity and energy levels tank. We feel sluggish and irritable for seemingly no good reason, but the truth lies in the disruption of our natural biological rhythms.

By recovering and supporting our natural circadian cycle, otherwise known as the “internal body clock,” you can improve your moods and energy levels while making your home look great. Conveniently, it doesn’t involve getting rid of your screens! With a combination of natural and artificial smart lighting, you can bring the power of sunlight (or the next best thing) to your family’s daily lifestyle.

Read on below to learn more about how you can integrate circadian lighting into your Dallas, TX home.

Top Benefits of Lutron Tunable Lighting

Tunable Lighting Solutions Provide More Than Illumination

Top Benefits of Lutron Tunable Lighting

When thinking of how to enhance your lifestyle while at home, surely many ideas come to mind. Among your options, we at HomeTronics believe adding tunable lighting to your home should be at the top of the list.

We know you want the best technology that money can buy; for tunable lighting, Lutron is the way to go. Tunable lighting by Lutron offers innumerable benefits and is a recognized leader in the industry. Installing a tunable lighting system is no small task, and you won’t want to do the job on your own.

Our clients in San Fransisco, California, know they can trust HomeTronics to install a tailor-made Lutron tunable lighting system that meets their specific needs and wants. We’ll start with two main reasons you might want automated lighting control soon, so stay tuned!