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Boost Energy Without Caffeine: Circadian Lighting For Your Home

Increase Personal Wellness & Improve Your Mood with Smart Lighting from HomeTronics

Boost Energy Without Caffeine: Circadian Lighting For Your Home

From chatting with friends to work to ordering food, our lives are dominated by more screen time than ever before. While technological advances have many benefits, there is one significant drawback: artificial light from screens isn’t the best for our health.

The harsh light from phones, tablets, and smartwatches can be harmful to the eyes, induce headaches, and stimulate our brains so much that it affects our sleep. Without adequate rest, our productivity and energy levels tank. We feel sluggish and irritable for seemingly no good reason, but the truth lies in the disruption of our natural biological rhythms.

By recovering and supporting our natural circadian cycle, otherwise known as the “internal body clock,” you can improve your moods and energy levels while making your home look great. Conveniently, it doesn’t involve getting rid of your screens! With a combination of natural and artificial smart lighting, you can bring the power of sunlight (or the next best thing) to your family’s daily lifestyle.

Read on below to learn more about how you can integrate circadian lighting into your Dallas, TX home.

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Circadian Lighting And Our Ancestors

Circadian rhythms operate by sunlight. Long before the advent of electricity, our ancestors went to sleep and rose from bed following the pattern of sunrise and sunset. This was due to the simple fact that productivity was virtually impossible without any way to provide light. In later centuries, only the rich could afford candles. This meant most of the population still only had a limited window of time for completing the day’s tasks, and sunlight made it possible.

Luckily for us, the power of electricity has revolutionized the modern lifestyle. And going beyond the basic light bulb and light switch, smart home automation makes it easier than ever to continue with productivity long after the sun goes down, but this isn’t always the healthiest choice. Artificial lighting is harsh on the mind, eyes, and body overall. It’s not surprising that many of us wake up the next morning with decreased energy from a lack of restful sleep.

The Smart Circadian Lighting Difference

Fortunately, circadian lighting can help. Smart bulbs that offer soft, warm lighting have been shown to be less harsh on the mind and body in the later hours of the day, signaling to our brains that it’s time to wind down and relax for a peaceful night of rest. The brightness and color temperature are adjustable throughout the day or depending on the season. Either adjust lighting with a simple tap of your finger whenever you want to, or schedule lighting to shift automatically as the day progresses. The possibilities are nearly endless when you incorporate a Lutron lighting control system into your Dallas-area smart home.

As you make your way to bed at night, the lighting in your home will become warm and amber in color, dimming to the perfect brightness. From bed, use the Lutron app on your smartphone to turn off all the lights in your home. In the morning, lights will automatically turn on low and warm then gradually become brighter and cooler, like a natural sunrise. Easing into the morning without a jarring alarm clock sound sounds like a perfect morning experience.

Add Circadian Lighting To Your Home Today

Many people are experiencing the benefits of energy-boosting circadian lighting in their schools, homes, and workplaces. You can, too! Contact HomeTronics to learn more and see the difference that natural lighting can make in your own life. We can’t wait to hear from you.