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Learn How a Home Automation System Facilitates Mental and Physical Wellness

Improve Your Breathing, Sleeping, and Overall Health with Smart Home Automation from HomeTronics

Learn How a Home Automation System Facilitates Mental and Physical Wellness

In this fast-paced world, who doesn’t love luxuries and conveniences? If you’re a homeowner in the Dallas area, look no further than a home automation system from HomeTronics. You’ll be able to manage your daily tasks and appliances with ease right from a single on-wall panel, tablet, remote, or smartphone app. 

Keep reading below to learn how you can support your mental and physical wellness in your Texas home by creating a comfortable, customized, and sophisticated living space.

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Happy, Healthy Lighting 

As humans, we need natural light to feel healthy. Good lighting helps improve our mood and keeps our energy up throughout the day. This is critical as more people than ever are working remotely and are constantly staring at a computer screen. But not all living spaces are set up to allow for natural light to flow in and truly illuminate a room. 

Incorporating tunable lighting into your home makes your LED fixtures simulate natural light throughout the day. Wake up to soft colors that automatically become brighter throughout the day and mimic the brightness of the sun as it makes its course across the sky. Customize lighting settings further to dim into warm, golden hues to mimic sunset. This shift can help prepare your mind and body for a good night’s sleep. 


Bring Outdoor Benefits Inside

Open-concept spaces increase the airy feeling of a natural environment. Since some open spaces can get too warm for comfort, smart temperature sensors placed on the windows paired with motorized shades can help prevent your HVAC system from working too hard. 

As the room hits a specified temperature, the shades lower to reduce heat gain in your living areas. Or if the room becomes too cool, the shades will rise to let warming sunlight into the space. If you prefer to adjust the shades on the fly instead of in response to temperature sensors, simply touch a button on the smart device of your choice or say a voice command for the ultimate luxury convenience. With an automation system from Crestron, the control and customization possibilities are nearly endless! 


Purify Your Air

Clean air has never been considered more important than it is in this day and age. By integrating an air purification system into your Crestron smart home, you can prevent the spread of mildew, allergens, and dust.

Many brands can integrate into your Crestron system, and the HomeTronics team can design a setup that captures up to 99.99% of the tiny particles that irritate the respiratory system. Circumvent the common cold, worsening asthma symptoms, and other seasonal conditions with air purification so your family is healthier and can breathe more easily.


Upgrade Your Home Today

Smart home technology doesn’t only offer convenience. It lets you manage and maintain conditions that help you feel well – both mentally and physically! Contact us today to learn more about how your home in the DFW area can benefit from a Crestron home automation system. 

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