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Whole-Home Audio: How It Works & Why It’s Worth It

Imagine High-Quality Sound in Every Room of Your Los Angeles Home

Whole-Home Audio: How It Works & Why It’s Worth It

Have you ever noticed how music brings people together? When you have a couple of friends over, there’s a stark difference between welcoming your guests into a silent home and one with fun music playing softly. When the music’s on, everyone feels more comfortable and connected, like they’re walking into a party—even if it’s just a casual get-together.

With a whole-home audio system, you can enjoy your favorite musicians and playlists across your entire property. As you walk from room to room—and outdoors too—you’ll never be out of earshot. And it’s all easily controlled from one system.

Just like the restaurants and bars you’ve visited in and around Los Angeles, your California home can include speakers synced together in every room. Learn how multi-room audio works below!

Make the Outdoors the Best Room Of The House

Turn Your Backyard into a Complete Entertainment Center

Make the Outdoors the Best Room Of The House

Your smart home provides many luxuries like tunable lighting, multi-room audio, distributed video, and intuitive interfaces to control it all. You can entertain, create the perfect ambiance, and personalize it all to meet your preferences.

Extending your living to the outdoors by making more use of the pool or grilling on the barbeque does not mean you have to leave all of those conveniences behind. Installing an outdoor TV enhances your time spent in the backyard, turning it into a complete entertainment center.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of an outdoor media space for your Dallas, TX home? Read below to learn more.

Brain Hack: How Circadian Lighting Helps Improve Mental Health

Sleep Better & Feel More Energized with the Benefits of Natural Light

Brain Hack: How Circadian Lighting Helps Improve Mental Health

Do you often wake up feeling sluggish and unmotivated? Need several cups of coffee to get through the day? And when it’s finally night, does your mind spin with worries about tomorrow, and you can’t bring yourself to fall asleep?

You aren’t alone. 62% of Americans reportedly consume coffee every day, while almost half of Americans say they feel sleepy during most of the week. Many factors can contribute to low energy levels, but our circadian rhythm, or internal clock, plays a major part.

What is the circadian rhythm? It’s our biological, internal timekeeper that regulates when we’re alert, tired, and hungry. Sunlight plays a major role in regulating our circadian rhythms, which is why you’ll find yourself waking up earlier on a camping trip. But if we spend too much time indoors under artificial light, our rhythms are thrown off course.

Luckily, smart lighting brands like Lutron have invented new ways to bring the benefits of natural light inside. Circadian lighting, or human-centric lighting, is already being used in homes, schools, and hospitals nationwide.

Could you benefit from a brain hack like circadian lighting? Learn more for your San Francisco, CA home below.

Improve Your Health and Wellbeing with A Home Automation Installation

Bring Peace of Mind with Systems That Help You Sleep Better, Connect More, And Breathe Easier.

Improve Your Health and Wellbeing with A Home Automation Installation

home automation installation provides many luxuries and conveniences, like multiroom audio distribution and management of daily tasks. While we rely on a smart home to make life a little easier, it can improve our lives in other ways, too. 

We spend a lot of time in our California homes, and wellness concerns have been the top topic in our lives recently. We know that regular exercise and eating right are important to maintaining good health, but incorporating technology solutions that help you sleep better, breathe better and feel better are just as vital. 

Are you ready to make your Los Angeles home a refuge of wellbeing? Read below to learn more.