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Manage Your Lighting Effortlessly with Lutron Lighting Control

Enjoy the Beauty and Ease of Living Smart Lighting Brings

Manage Your Lighting Effortlessly with Lutron Lighting Control

Some interior designers consider lighting the most important element in a home’s design. Not only does it create a warm and inviting atmosphere, but it also affects those who live there. Imagine sunlight streaming through a window or a cozy corner lit in a soft candlelight glow. One brings a sense of wonder, while the other makes us want to relax with a good book. 

Lighting undoubtedly sets the mood and ambiance. Yet, many lights remain stagnant throughout the day, offering enough light to perform our everyday tasks, but providing the same soft or bright white light that comes on when darkness falls. Fortunately, today’s technology offers so much more. 

With Lutron lighting control, you can create dramatic lighting effects, reduce energy usage, and control your lighting from elegant in-wall keypads. Let’s explore this incredible system and how it’s transforming the lighting landscape in Dallas, TX.

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Intelligent Control of Lights

Lutron is well known for starting its lighting journey by creating the first solid-state dimmer in 1959. Today, Lutron lighting control systems are found in the 52-story New York Times Building, the prestigious Guggenheim Museum in Spain, the White House, and Windsor Castle. 

This system can also control the lighting in your home. Custom-engraved keypads display activities and moods, such as “Dinner,” “Relaxing,” and “Movie.” With one touch, your lighting creates the perfect environment for the activity. The “Cooking” button may brighten lights in the kitchen and turn on the under-cabinet lighting. 

When it’s time for dinner, these lights dim, and the dining area lights illuminate, casting a soft golden glow. You can also control every light in your home via user-friendly touchscreens, remotes, and your mobile device.

Creating the Perfect Ambiance

The latest dynamic LED lighting offers lights that can transform into every color of light imaginable with one touch. These lights also provide tunable lighting, changing throughout the day in direct correlation to the changing color of sunlight. This lighting brings us back in tune with the healing power of daylight and aligns our internal clock that’s been set to this changing light for eons. You wake to lights that resemble the rising sun, experience brighter blue-toned lights midday, and relax under a warm, soft, amber glow when evening arrives.

Reducing Energy Consumption

How often do family members leave a room and forget to turn the lights off? Through the intelligent application of sensors, your home manages your lighting for you. Now, lights turn off in unoccupied rooms. When the last person leaves for the day, they tap the “Away” button by the front door, and every light turns off, the temperature lowers, the shades close, the security system arms, and the doors lock.

At HomeTronics, our designers and project managers get to know your family's routines and regular activities and create a customized lighting system that sets the mood for each occasion. With over 35 years of experience and featured articles in over 75 national and international publications, you can be assured of the latest technology that’s effortless to control. To learn more about Lutron lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact HomeTronics today.