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Give Yourself the Gift of Smart Home Technology

Treat Your Home with These Premium Smart Solutions

Give Yourself the Gift of Smart Home Technology

The holidays are special times for giving gifts, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying all that the season has to offer. But the truth is . . . you can do that all year round! Smart home technology makes a great gift to yourself and your home in Dallas, TX. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving. So, even if you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas, you can still take advantage of these five smart technologies. You’ll love having them in your home! 

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1. Smart Lighting Control System

Do you want an easier way to control your lights? How about a lighting system that is more sophisticated? A smart lighting system from Lutron combines automation with beauty. Certain systems, like Lutron Ketra, allow you to dim, tune, and change the colors of the lights. You can have a range of white and amber lights to perfectly match your mood and time of day as well as purple or multicolored lights that are perfect for parties and entertaining. 

2. Motorized Shades

If you’re looking for technology that is the perfect blend of style and function, as well as light control, then you may be interested in motorized shades. With Lutron, you can customize your shades every step of the way, from the type of window treatment to the fabric and color. Choose the style and finish of your wall plates to complement your design motif. 

It’s easy to open and close your window treatments with the touch of a button on a wall plate, app, or home automation system. Or, set a timer that opens and closes them throughout the day whenever you like.

3. Whole-Home Audio System

A whole-home audio system consists of discreet in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that deliver evenly distributed audio throughout your home. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks in any room. Catch up on the news while eating breakfast in your kitchen and listen to music while relaxing in your living room.

4. Media Room or Home Theater

If you’re a cinephile, a media room or home theater could elevate your home entertainment experience. Choose a big, 4K TV or projector and screen and pair it with an immersive surround sound system. A dedicated media room or private theater gives you a great place to entertain, watch your favorite movie or TV show, or play video games - all in a cinematic environment.

5. Specialty Rooms

Want a virtual basketball court in your home? How about a virtual bowling alley or golf simulator? Smart home technology makes this possible! With AV solutions, networking, and a little engineering and design, you can have your favorite game right in the comfort of your own home. Smart home companies such as HomeTronics have experience in designing custom rooms and AV solutions.

Ready to give yourself and your Dallas, TX, home a holiday gift this season? Contact HomeTronics today! We’ll meet with you to discuss what you are looking for and will come up with a solution and design you’ll love.