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Enhance Your Media Room Design with Premium AV Equipment

Prepare for the Upcoming Football Season with the Best Display and Speakers

Enhance Your Media Room Design with Premium AV Equipment

A media room is a great addition to any house. It can be used for a high-quality watching or listening experience and double as a bar or game room. It’s a great place to entertain and a truly fantastic place to watch a football game. And with football season upon us, it’s time to update the media room design in your Dallas, TX, home to ensure you experience each game like never before. 

Keep reading to see some of our favorite technologies to incorporate into a media room for a one-of-a-kind football-watching experience.

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Samsung’s The Wall

Samsung is redefining luxury media rooms with their product The Wall, a giant display that turns any viewing experience into a piece of art. The Wall is available in many sizes in 4K, and screens up to 292” can be purchased in 8K (if you have a home theater that big!) The Wall is incredibly bright with vivid colors due to its micro-LED design. It is virtually edgeless, so it seamlessly blends into its surroundings. And when you're not watching your favorite movie or game on the larger-than-life screen, it switches to ambient mode and displays curated lifestyle images, doubling as a work of art.

The Wall is a one-of-kind display that you’ve got to see to believe! Its beautiful image and large size enables you to see every blade of grass on the turf of a football field. You won’t miss any plays or touchdowns with this screen. After watching one game on this incredible display, your friends and family will beg to watch the game at your house every weekend. 

California Audio Technology Speakers

The Wall sets a high standard for a media room, so you need to pair it with high-end speakers that can keep up. California Audio Technology has a fantastic range of products that bring audio to life on any screen. Their speakers are customizable and can be built in any shape, color, or finish. 

If you want large, visible towers that are statement pieces in your media room, CAT can make them for you. Or, if you want virtually invisible speakers that blend into your surroundings, they can create them with similar colors and finishes to your media room environment, so they integrate seamlessly into the background. 

Hang out, entertain, and watch the big game in a new way this year. HomeTronics has many years of experience with media room design, and Samsung’s The Wall and speakers by CAT are two of our favorite products for any Dallas, TX home. If you want to upgrade your media room, contact us today