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Create the Ultimate Cinema Experience in Your Home Theater Setup

Why Working With A Premier Integrator Transforms How You Watch

Create the Ultimate Cinema Experience in Your Home Theater Setup

Film is an art form with a cultural reach like no other; its transformative power engages you completely. Every film mixes the elements of fine art like sculpture and painting with the seductive pull of novels, the storylines that honestly move you, causing you to cry, cheer, and laugh within moments of each other. 

The way we watch movies has come a long way since the Lumiere Brothers presented the works of Alice Guy-Blache in a Paris ballroom 150 years ago. While technology has advanced, the desire of filmmakers to entertain and transport the viewer into new and far away places stays the same. At HomeTronics, we share your passion for film with home theater setups, offering the best platform for Hollywood classics and innovative indies. 

Are you looking to bring the cinema experience to your Dallas, TX home? Then keep reading below to learn how good it can be. 

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From the start, it was recognized that dedicated spaces were required not just for the necessity of a dark room but also because they added to a sense of anticipation and atmosphere. A professionally installed space utilizes decor and design elements to create a room you can find comfort and inspiration from. 

Whether you are drawn to the look of Hollywood's golden age of rich fabrics or prefer the modernist simplicity, our certified team furnishes you with the perfect room. Our long-standing relationships with designers and architects ensure that your vision is not only met, but expectations are exceeded.


Establishing a connection between you, the design of a room, and the technology installed is critical to the experience. This tenet is why we do not sell a cookie-cutter package; before we generate a quote or recommend equipment, our HTA-certified team sits down to listen to you. 

Once we understand the how and why you watch, we match the unprecedented ability to access an infinite selection of media from around the world with superior image quality. Your eyes are dazzled with stunning 4K and upscaled 8K video that blurs the line between you and the story on-screen.


Early films were silent; adding music to evoke an emotional response consisted of a small orchestra in upscale venues or a lonely piano in small halls. Once filmmakers found a way to add sound, it quickly opened up possibilities for creating immersive elements, instilling a sense of empathy and emotional connection to the characters and settings. 

Modern sound formats bring you deeper into the world on-screen, transforming you from passive viewer to participant. The newest advances, such as astoundingly multi-dimensional sound fields, generate audio that not only surrounds you but adds distinct elements of depth, height, width, and direction of travel. 


Are you intrigued by how a luxury home theater transforms the way you watch? Call us at (972) 490-1090 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation or a visit to our extensive showroom. We look forward to working with you!