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A Private Cinema Brings the Magic Of The Movies Home

Installing a Home Theater System Ensures You Always Have The Best Seat In The House.

A Private Cinema Brings the Magic Of The Movies Home

A private cinema is about the experience of watching a movie as the creators intended. It brings together the technology that accentuates the story to blur the line between the fantasy on screen and the real world.

A well-designed home theater starts with the building of the room itself. Understanding how the shape, size, construction materials affect the result is of vital importance. Once you recline back in your theater seats and the lights dim, all you want is to be transported into another world.

Our HTA (Home Technology Certified) staff are dedicated to providing you with a higher standard for your Los Angeles, CA home.  Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Read below to find out more.

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Your Expectations Exceeded

A private cinema should be more than a place to watch movies; it is a space to revel in the magic of film and its ability to move us as no other medium can. The right components can make all the difference, elevating the act of watching to one that is experiential.

The Sound Of A Room

The room is a critical component for creating the optimal environment, from the materials used to build the walls to the fabrics and lighting incorporated into the decor. Whether you are looking to reflect the looks and feel of classic film houses or a more modern interpretation, each affects the final sound and image.

Every room, no matter how well designed, has acoustic issues that are detrimental to how sound is distributed.  We work closely with your architects and designers, adding acoustic panels to absorb or reflect sound without disturbing the look and feel of the space.

The Perfected Image

The image, of course, is central to any smart home private cinema; how the projector and screen interact determines the quality you see. Either component can compensate for a deficit in the other, but they must be matched to achieve this.

The screen is far more technology-based than one would assume at first glance. The various types are used to produce the perfect viewing for the room you are in. There are screens used to diffuse the light hitting it to make an evenly balanced image. Other models incorporate beads of optical glass that amplify and direct the light reflecting off of them. Wide screens are essential if you want to experience the real cinema widescreen resolutions like cinemascope.

The video projector is the heart of the system, producing a video with vivid true-to-life colors, extraordinary detail, and stunning depth of field demanded by ultra-high-definition films. Movies at your local multiplex are shown in the widescreen format of DCI (4096 × 2160), furnishing you with a sweeping vista rather than an image confined by frames. The resolution beyond the best monitors and standard projectors capable of only a 4K 3840 x 2160 image.

Sound That Surrounds You

A famous director, Alfred Hitchcock, has been quoted stating that a good film’s storyline can be understood without sound. While he may be correct in theory, it is the surround sound that makes it immersive. Listening to music on your whole-home audio system requires audiophile dynamic range; a theater needs this plus crystal clarity and powerful punch.

The sound system recreates the subtle sounds, reflections, and nuances that revolve all around us in real life. Using this multi-dimensional audio field, the filmmakers generate noises and sounds as additional cues to the storyline and convince our brains that we are actually there.

See For Yourself

Image settling down into your specially designed theater chairs as the lights automatically dim. You recline, snacks at hand, with the knowledge the house is secure, the anticipation of the story to unfold before you building.  Are you ready to make this possible in your home?

Connect with us today by calling (972) 490-1090 or filling out our contact form to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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