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Why Should You Incorporate a Home Control System?

Enjoy Greater Comfort, Convenience, and Security with Our Smart Home Company

Why Should You Incorporate a Home Control System?

Imagine living in a home that listens to your every command and knows what you need before you do. Our home control systems put you in charge of your lights, temperature, movies, music, and safety.

Everything works together smoothly. Control it all from a simple touch on a wall panel, a tap on your phone, or by asking Alexa or Google Assistant. Life becomes simple and smooth, just how you want it. See how our systems make your Dallas, TX, home a place of comfort and easy living.

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Smart Home Control the Way You Want It

Home automation is a game-changer. Control your smart home devices, including security, temperature, and media, through your device of choice. This is living at its finest for those who enjoy the ultimate sophistication. 

  • Control your smart home products from one easy-to-use interface on your phone. You don't have to get up from your seat to dim the lights or adjust the temperature.
  • Voice Control: Tell Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant what you need; your home will respond without you lifting a finger.
  • Your Day, Your Way: Set scenes for any activity, like waking up to sunlight and your favorite music. 

Motorized Shades Boost Your Style and Savings

Add motorized shades for privacy, beauty, and lower energy bills. They adjust with the sun, keeping your home comfortable all day.

  • Set It and Forget It: Shades adjust independently, using natural light to its best effect.
  • Lower Bills: Keep out heat or let in warmth without touching your thermostat.
  • Looks Good: Choose shades that match your decor and control them from elegant keypads.

Set the Scene With Lighting Control

With smart lighting, you can change your home's ambiance instantly. You gain greater efficiency and boost your home's comfort and aesthetics along the way. 

  • Change the lighting for reading, watching movies, or entertaining guests with one button press.
  • Occupancy sensors expertly turn lights off when you're gone and when you need them to save energy.
  • Program a Wake-Up scene that slowly turns on light bulbs to wake you gently when it's time to get up.

High-Quality Media at Your Fingertips

Enjoy high-performance audio and video while making it easy for you to access your favorite entertainment.

  • Pull up your favorite content and play it anywhere with a swipe on your phone or voice command.
  • Set everything up for game day or movie night easily with pre-set scenes.
  • Avoid a pile of remotes for audio or different media sources. Instead, place it all in one easy-to-use interface.

Stay Safe With a Home Security System

 Feel secure with smart locks, video doorbells, and surveillance cameras. Your home is safe, day and night.

  • Watch your home from anywhere with high-resolution surveillance available on a mobile app.
  • Use smart locks to let in friends through dedicated codes or unlock the door remotely from your phone.
  • Motion sensors and alarms keep you covered. Receive alerts after any suspicious activity.

Get Started with Smart Control

We design smart homes that match your lifestyle perfectly. They save you time, energy, and even money. Plus, they offer you peace of mind. Our professionals are ready to help design the right system for you, from planning to teaching you how to use it.

Want a smarter, more luxurious home? Let's make your dream home a reality. Call us or fill out our contact form to get started.