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How Motorized Window Shades Add an Extra Level of Luxury and Convenience

Motorized Shades Are Practical and Stylish

How Motorized Window Shades Add an Extra Level of Luxury and Convenience

Motorized window shades can greatly increase the overall aesthetic of your home and offer an unprecedented level of convenience and comfort.

These kinds of window treatments allow you to adjust the light levels in your home by automating a task that is sometimes time consuming in homes with many windows, or when windows are impossible to reach, like massive or slanted windows or/and ceiling apertures.

Not only can they regulate the temperature of your home and help you save on energy bills, but they also serve to complement the ambiance of your interior design.

Our team in Dallas, TX will be able to install a set of window treatments that can add style and sophistication to your home by integrating their function into the rest of your automation network.

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Automated Shades Make for Ease and Comfort

Motorized blinds let you control just how much light comes into your space, allowing you to amplify certain design elements. Your home’s decor is accentuated by using natural light by highlighting the texture and depth of your architectural features. Plus, automated shades ensure that your beautiful home furnishings – like fabrics and wood finishes – are protected from sun damage during peak lighting times.

By incorporating them into your home automation system, you can set your window shades to automatically change their height levels during the morning and evening hours to set a mood that is warm and cozy or bright and lively.

Having to wrestle with the cords on outdated manual shades doesn’t just cut it anymore, and they give your space a cluttered look. So if you have large floor-to-ceiling windows, which are difficult to access anyway, motorized window shades are definitely way more convenient and more stylish.

We can also program the shades in different rooms to react to specific voice commands.

Say you want to watch a movie in your living room before the sun is fully down. You could simply say, “watch movie,” and your shades will lower themselves to the floor. Of course, if you’re going for the full-home automated experience, we could program this command into a scene to dim your lights and turn on your TV all at the same time.

Choosing the Right Kind of Motorized Window Treatments

Of all the automated window treatments we have tried over the years, we have come to recommend Lutron for its technical reliability, whisper-quiet functions, and wide selection of products.

Lutron offers a variety of different motorized shades, blinds, and drapes to match the size and shape of your home’s window installations. These automated window treatments also come in a range of materials, patterns, custom designs, and colors that can match the texture and design of your home’s interior.

Here are just some of the options Lutron offers:

  • Sheer Horizontal Blinds
  • Roller Shades: available in sheer, dimming, or blackout fabrics
  • Drapery Track Systems: pinch pleat or ripple fold
  • Roman Shades
  • Wooden Blinds
  • Tensioned Shades: for skylights and angled windows
  • Cable-Guided Shades: for spaces with heavy airflow

To experience the kind of convenience and style motorized shades can add to your home, connect with the staff at HomeTronics here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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