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How Crestron Home Automation Improves Your Daily Routine

A Day in the Life with Total Home Control

How Crestron Home Automation Improves Your Daily Routine

Has your schedule felt off-center recently? If you’re working from home or if your usual routine has changed, it can be challenging to start the morning on time, stay productive, and receive a good night’s sleep. But did you know that your house can help you make the most of every day with the latest smart home technology?

An intuitive and elegant system like Crestron brings total home control to all of your devices—lighting, thermostats, audio, and security. In many ways, a smart system can assist your daily routines in your San Francisco, CA home. How? Find out below.   

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Rise and Shine

There’s no waking up on ‘the wrong side of the bed’ when your morning is supported by Crestron. With help from an integrator, you can create a preset schedule that activates devices automatically every morning. Alternatively, you can control technology from your phone, tablet, or a voice assistant speaker.

Imagine with automatic scenes that your motorized shades will rise on their own to let in the morning sun, and lights will gradually turn on, waking you. Soft music may start playing over your home audio system while you shower and prepare for the day. Your thermostat will instantly adjust to a comfortable temperature for the daytime, too.


Feel Your Best During the Day

Did you know that lighting can have profound effects on our moods and productivity? If you have lights on during the day, you want the bulb’s color temperature to replicate sunlight’s blue-white brightness. Warm-colored lighting during the day will trigger your mind to create melatonin, so you’ll feel tired and uninspired, not ideal when you’re putting in long hours of work at home.

With smart lighting, you can schedule lights to gradually adjust their color temperatures and brightness throughout the day. In the late afternoon and evening, your house will be lit in softer, golden tones to prepare your mind for sleep. Feeling more rested, you’ll be able to achieve more in your day-to-day.

Other wellness systems in your house, like air purification, water purification, and thermostats, can also be accessed through your Crestron app. With a system built to your household’s specific needs, you’ll be living your best life. 


Ready for Bed

After nightfall, your home’s motorized shades will descend on a timer for automatic privacy. In a few swipes on your phone, you can turn off your home’s lights, lock all doors, and take one last look at your security system. With nighttime tunable lighting and comfortably cooled rooms, you’ll sleep soundly, ready for the ease of a smart routine tomorrow.


Are you ready to upgrade your San Francisco home with a smart system? Get started on your brand-new life today. Message a member of our team below or contact Hometronics here.

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