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Everything You Need To Create Your Own Custom Home Theater

Bring a Texas-Sized Entertainment Experience to Your Dallas-Area Home

Everything You Need To Create Your Own Custom Home Theater

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in on-demand movies and streaming services. Never before has it been easier and more convenient to watch movies, TV shows, and sports in your home. If you're looking for a movie theater experience without the overpriced concession stand snacks or sticky floors, then a custom home theater is a worthwhile investment.

A custom home theater allows you to create a superior viewing and listening experience in your Dallas, TX home with the right technology and fixtures. Keep scrolling below to learn more!

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Surround Sound

Speakers are fundamental for home theaters because audio has the ability to create an epic, immersive experience. In-wall, behind-the-screen, and other expertly placed speakers create a surround sound effect that envelops you, placing you in the middle of the plot of your favorite TV shows and films. Our expert team of home theater professionals can assess your space and design a setup that includes the perfect speaker and seating placement, plus incorporate high-performance brands for an optimal experience.

Smart Lighting

Lighting might not be the first technology that comes to mind when you think of watching movies, but it elevates every home theater experience to surpass that of the local cineplex. With smart home scenes, you can tap a single button to initiate several device responses that immerse you into the auditory and visual experiences the room offers.

Select “Movie Night” to lower the window treatments to block unwanted glare coming in through windows and dim the main room lights so the viewing display pops with a vibrant color display; floor lights softly illumate the path to the kitchen for popcorn refills and your AV system cues up for your viewing pleasure. The ambiance is perfect for every movie marathon or Netflix binge-a-thon thanks to smart lighting.

Video Display

Projection screens and TV displays are large and immersive these days. You can’t go wrong with either option, though projection screens traditionally offer a larger viewing area. TV displays are beginning to rival in size, though, and they work in smaller spaces where a traditional projector wouldn’t work as well. The home theater designers at HomeTronics will consult with you to determine the most suitable options for your customized space. Whichever you choose, we recommend at least 4K resolution so your display doesn’t become obsolete sooner than you’d like.

Founded in 1986, HomeTronics has been on the leading edge of technology solutions for over 30 years. It's one of the reasons our home theater designs have won numerous national industry awards, and our work has been featured in over 75 publications around the world. To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact HomeTronics today.

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