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4 Ways Ketra Lighting Brings Luxury to Your Living Space

Elevate Your Home with Advanced Technology from a Lighting Industry Leader

4 Ways Ketra Lighting Brings Luxury to Your Living Space

Does your Dallas, TX, home need a change in aesthetics? Ketra lighting with HomeTronics is a perfect solution. Ketra has lighting solutions that will elevate your space, creating a comfortable, functional environment for everyone in your household. 

From energy savings to color and brightness options, there's nothing Ketra can't do, at least when it comes to lighting. Read on to discover our favorite ways Ketra brings luxury and convenience to our clients!

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See the Difference with Ketra

We don't like to play favorites regarding home automation, but we have no problems telling our potential, current, and past clients how much we adore Ketra. The way this advanced lighting solution refreshes any area is incredible. Let's look at how Ketra allows homeowners to live in complete comfort. 

Color Temperature

At HomeTronics, we love showing clients how they can adjust the color temperature of their Ketra lighting system to mimic natural light or to match the time of day. The idea is to create a more comfortable and inviting living environment, whether getting ready to sit down and work in your home office or winding down in the evening with a new novel. Whatever you have in mind, Ketra can help you set the mood.

Personalized Scenes

You can program your Ketra lighting to create lighting scenes to seamlessly enhance any activity. Whether it’s family movie nights, birthday parties, dinner gatherings, or tween sleepovers, you can program the perfect lighting ahead of time and recall it at the touch of a button. Bright, conversation-sparking, or dim, warm lighting is at your fingertips! 

Voice Control

Ketra systems are compatible with other smart home aspects, like voice control assistants. You can quickly access and operate your lights with simple spoken commands, making your daily routine feel a whole lot more accessible and much more convenient. Manually controlling your lights can be a massive pain, but with Ketra, you eliminate that task entirely. Also, you can access and control your lights remotely, whether at dinner downtown or halfway around the world on vacation!  

Energy Efficiency

We love anything that saves our clients money regarding utility bills and helps the Earth. Ketra lighting is energy-efficient and long-lasting. Upon installation, you'll reduce energy consumption, lowering monthly payments and building a sustainable living space. Adding  Ketra LED bulbs is another perk, as they don't require frequent replacement. 

HomeTronics and Ketra Lighting

Upgrading the efficiency and aesthetics of your home isn't as complicated as it might seem, primarily when you turn to HomeTronics and Ketra lighting. If you're ready to learn more about what we can do for your home, connect with us today for details!