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Dedicated Home Theaters

Investing in a home theater is one of the best enhancements you can make to your home and lifestyle.

Home theater

Home theater is more than a television and some speakers. A custom designed home theater system delivers an immersive sound and video experience that rivals, and often exceeds, the experience from your local commercial cineplex. The large screen and enveloping sound of a home theater turn a dull Friday night into family movie night, without the sticky floors, interruptions and ticket lines. Home theaters are also great for sports, special events and entertaining guests.


A quality home theater depends on a quality projector. Today’s projectors are able to combine the best elements of high light output with deep black levels to provide picture quality and wow factor unmatched by a flat panel TV. No other display solution makes an impression like a projector and a 100-inch or larger screen.


Screen Options

The screen is a critical component in a home theater. Screens can be fixed to the wall, rolled up by small motors in a soffit or hidden in a cabinet. Some can even be disguised with fine art when not being used. Both room size and seating distance factor into screen size decisions, but screen material also plays an important role in the overall performance of the room. Select a screen that works well with your projector and takes into consideration the ambient light conditions of the room. A screen masking system can be used to make your screen the perfect shape for every kind of content you watch.


Home theater components can range from basic surround sound receivers and Blu-ray players to complex amps, processors, switchers and video servers. It all depends on your needs and tastes. High-performance home theater hardware is available to satisfy all budgets.

Furniture and Seating

salamander theater seating matteoA home theater can be as formal or as casual as you like, but a plain-old sofa just won’t do. Home theater seats are designed for comfort and support to make sure you can relax while still staying focused on the on-screen action. Credenzas, TV stands, component shelves and other accessories all help to maintain the perfect atmosphere while protecting your important equipment.

Acoustics Engineering/Room Design

High-performance home theaters begin with the room, not the equipment. Professional acoustic evaluation and treatment will ensure that your gear is calibrated to the particular qualities of your room, making your experience unique. After installation, your room can be fine-tuned and optimized to sound its best.


That 1,500 Watt subwoofer sounds awesome in your home theater room, but not in the den right above it. Soundproofing can keep those penetrating waves inside the theater where they belong.


The right technology isn’t all it takes to bring the theater experience home. Complete the effect with high-end interior design and decorative accessories.

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