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Smart Home

Make your home accommodate your lifestyle for you.

savant automation trueimage appSmart home or home automation systems make your life easier by simplifying tasks and making your home systems work together.

From entertainment, to lighting to security, a home automation system can make nearly anything work better and allow you to enjoy your home to the fullest.

Lighting Control

Lighting control systems add security, aid simplicity and enhance the décor of your house. With keypads, smart phone apps or in-wall touchpanels, you can control every light in your house, even when you’re not there.

Climate Control

Nothing makes a house more uncomfortable than poor climate control. Your thermostats can now be controlled by a home automation system, making settings and adjustments automatic and easy, even when you’re away.

Shading Control

Motorized window shades are the perfect complement to a whole-house control system. Electronic shade systems can be programmed by time of day or weather and can help control your home’s heat, conserve energy and save you time.

Green Tech

Home automation systems not only make daily tasks easier, but they also can be great energy savers. Green technology allows you to conserve heat, energy and monitor your home’s consumption without compromising your lifestyle.

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Home Security

With a combination of surveillance, motion detection, and remote monitoring, our home security systems give you peace of mind, and help keep your family connected at the same time.