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Whole House AV

Wherever you go in your home, your media is already waiting for you.

Media roomYou don’t need a stereo system in every room of your house in order to listen to great music everywhere. The same goes for video. Custom installed whole house systems can take the audio and video content from a central location, such as a media rack in the basement, and distribute it all over your house, even outside. Selecting the tune, station or program you want to enjoy is as simple as tapping a keypad or an app on your smart phone.

Distributed AV

Enjoying great music, movies and television programming doesn’t require bulky equipment racks in every room of the house. Audio/video distribution systems allow you to watch or listen to anything you want, in any room, simply by touching a remote, touchpanel or even your smart phone or tablet.

Hidden Speakers

Monitor Audio Soundframe
Speakers don’t need to look like furniture anymore to sound great. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers can provide dynamic, quality sound for your music or video system, and they’re easy to integrate and use. Even bass-making subwoofers can be installed in walls or hidden out of site.

Rack Equipment

Keep all of your distributed devices in a single, hidden location — professionally and safely wired to keep everything running in sync.

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HD Audio

If you’re a music lover, than don’t settle for low-quality digital files played through plastic earbuds. Learn more about our high-quality audio systems with hidden speakers and custom audio components.