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In the digital age, connectivity is king.

The home network is now the backbone of your whole entertainment and control system. A reliable and secure network is as important to your home as reliable plumbing.


Access Networks

Wired Home Networks

Wireless networks are convenient, but for true reliability and security, wired networks are preferred. A whole-house wired infrastructure also makes it easy to upgrade your system as products and services change.


VNC stands for Virtual Network Connections — allowing you to access services, software, or media on computer systems located anywhere within your home network. Need to run a program only installed on your upstairs office workstation? VNC allows you to perform the work poolside, using your laptop.

Private WANs

Private Wide Area Networks allow you to segment your home network to ensure that unauthorized users can’t access it and to keep specific devices separate from others. It’s a way to keep your network working smoothly and securely.

Prep for 4K

As 4K or Ultra HD video services emerge, your home network becomes more important. The future of 4K video delivery will be the internet, so your network needs the best bandwidth and best management to make sure you get the quality you need.

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Outdoor Solutions

Entertaining in the sun or relaxing in the shade are both better with a good music system and easy automation. Explore our weatherproof TVs and outdoor speakers and lighting for any backyard, patio, or deck.