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Outdoor Solutions

There's no reason for the entertainment to stop just because you've stepped outside.

Seura Storm outdoor TVBack yards, patios and decks are as important parts of our homes as our living rooms. And like in the rest of the house, we can enjoy great music, TV and advanced lighting scenes outside.

Entertaining in the sun or relaxing in the shade are both better with a good music system and easy automation.

Waterproof TV

TVs are sensitive devices, so why risk rain, snow, heat and insects on a standard TV. New weatherproof TVs are designed not only to handle the elements, but also to look and sound good outside. No matter the weather, there’s a TV that can withstand it.

Elan outdoor entertainment

Outdoor Speakers

Music outdoors doesn’t have to come from a portable radio or an iPod doc. Outdoor speakers, designed to withstand any weather, can be connected to all your favorite music sources. Even outdoor subwoofers are specially designed to perform perfectly in an open environment, without looking out of place.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is more than just floodlights. Your automation system can control your outdoor accent, pathway and mood lights to set the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.

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Home Automation

Home automation, or “smart home” technologies, make your life easier by simplifying tasks and letting your home systems work together. Learn more about our Lighting, Climate, and Shading Control, Security Systems, and Green Technology.