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Custom Integration and Automation

Our specialty! Seamlessly integrate state of the art technology with beautiful home decor.

Elan media room

Whole-House AV

Custom installed whole house systems can take the audio and video content from a central location, such as a media rack in the basement, and distribute it all over your house, even outside.

Media room

HD Audio

High performance music systems can make your favorite bands sound like they’re playing in front of you. From classic-sounding turntables to new digital solutions, music systems should be taken as seriously as you take your music.

HomeTronics Rack/Networking


The home network is now the backbone of your whole entertainment and control system. A reliable and secure network is as important to your home as reliable plumbing.

Outdoor Solutions

Outdoor Solutions

Back yards, patios and decks are as important parts of our homes as our living rooms. And like in the rest of the house, we can enjoy great music, TV and advanced lighting scenes outside. Outdoor audio is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of entertaining. Our systems are subtle, concealed but pack performance and fidelity, and the sound isn’t lost into the wind.

We know how to engineer audio to outdoor spaces, whether a small gathering area or a huge backyard, your outdoor system will have rock concert capability, not an amusement park. And for our clients that want large video displays, we offer everything from outdoor rated television systems, to large projection displays to 201” TV’s that emerge from inground concealment and unfold for an an amazing viewing experience.

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Whole House AV

You don’t need a stereo system in every room of your house in order to listen to great music everywhere. The same goes for video. Read more about how custom installed whole house systems allow you to enjoy movies and music anywhere you go.